Computational biophysics and soft materials


Shenzhen Bay Fellow:


Shenzhen Bay fellow will have his/her own startup funding. We anticipate applicants to have innovative minds and excellent academic training. Applicants should be doctoral graduates (Ph.D./D.Eng./M.D.) for up to three years after graduation.


Associate/Assistant Researcher:


We have 1-2 openings at this level. We expect applicants to have a doctoral degree or post-doctoral research experience. Substantial experience in molecular modelling and statistical physics is desired. Successful applicants will have opportunity to work on emerging multidisciplinary problems such as chromatin folding, biological phase separation, and bioinspired materials/AI.




Several postdoc positions are available. One fellow will focus on analyzing genetic/epigenetic information and building interface between bioinformatics and physical model of chromatin. Another position will involve modeling of biological phase separation and development of coarse-grained force field. Inspired by biological systems, we are also testing new machine learning algorithms and welcome applicants with rigorous training and excellent skills in computer science especially artificial intelligence. Postdocs in my group will collaborate closely with experts in modeling, bioinformatics, machine learning and experimental biology.


Software engineer:


This position will focus on developing software for computational chemistry and biology. Successful applicants will have opportunity to work with the team of software developers at Shenzhen Bay Laboratory. My group is particularly interested in developing computational tools for mean field level calculation and coarse-grained molecular dynamics. Coding experience of Fortran/C/C++/Python is preferred.


Research assistant:


There are RA positions available every year. We expect applicants to have experience in bioinformatics/molecular modeling/force field development/mean field theory/polymer physics/machine learning. Biological background is welcome but not required. Qualified RA will be sponsored and enrolled in PhD programs in The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). There are also PhD openings in my collaborator’s groups at Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School (SIGS) and Northwestern University.


Intern students:


We take interns with background in computer science, life science and physical sciences. Qualified students will have opportunities to pursue PhD degree at our collaborating schools such as HKU and HKUST, or join our collaborating tech-companies such as Huawei and BGI.


How to Apply?


Please send application materials to or with the subject of your email in the following format “Applicant-Position-Name”. All application materials will be kept confidential. An online interview will be arranged after the initial selection.